Beijing Normal University



Beijing Normal University has grown out of the Faculty of Education of Capital Metropolitan University established in 1902. With the efforts for over a century, Beijing Normal University has become a comprehensive university with its main characteristics of basic disciplines in science and humanities, teacher education and educational science, and it is now one of the important national bases for training talents and scientific research. According to Net-big university ranking, BNU ranks the 9th among all universities in China in 2004. Its humanities and social science programs rank No. 3 in China by Guangdong Management Academy of Science, another famous institute of higher education evaluation.



At present, there are 21  schools (or colleges), 7 departments,  2 dozen of research institutes  centers covering almost all the subjects in humanity, social science and natural science.

The BNU staff totals nearly 4000, among them there are 1298 teachers and researchers. There are now 16 professors who are academicians of members from China Academy of Science and China Academy of Engineering working for the University. Of the professors, there are 423 professors and 516 associate professors. One professor is the member of Degree Committee of the State Council. 13 are the members Discipline Evaluation Committee of the State Council. 8 professors are nominated as scholars of Cheung Kong Scholars Program. 9 are nominees of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. BNU exerts all its efforts to attract outstanding scholars from all over the world through the projects of “Outstanding Scholars Attraction Project”, “Promising Young Scholars Attraction Programs” and “Human Resources Sharing Program”, etc.

17540 students are studying full time at the University, of whom there are more than 8000 undergraduate students, and over 8000 postgraduate students. In 2004, 2809 international students studied in BNU, ranking the 3rd in the total number of international students among all universities in China.

The University confers doctoral degree in 69 majors, master degree in 127 majors and bachelor degree in 52 major, and the university also has post-doctor programs in 16 areas.

The University has 8 national training bases for talents in basic disciplines of science and humanities and one education and Training base for teaching Chinese as a second language. 6 subjects in BNU are nominated by MOE as key research bases in the area of humanity and social science.

Of all the 17 labs in BNU, there are 3 key national labs, 1 national professional lab, 7 MOE key labs and 5 Beijing key labs, etc.



   BNU’s mission is to bring out outstanding leaders in education science as well as in other fields. In the past few years, a lot of effective measures have been implemented, such as multiple-mode of education, innovative education, new mode of teacher education, new learning system, etc. BNU always takes a lead in China in the areas of university teaching achievement awarding and best university textbook awarding. Of the 100 outstanding doctor dissertations, BNU is also standing in the fore-front among all the universities, totaling 10 since 1999. In order to adopt the general education, many new ways are implemented and a few foundations have been established, namely, “Chair Professor Foundation Program”, “Research Foundation for Undergraduates and Postgraduates”, and “Creative Talents Foundation”, etc..   



BNU is one of the famous national science research bases. A lot of outstanding progress has been made in the areas of probability and statistics, theory physics and systematic science, resource science and technology, ecology and protein group studies, etc. Since the implementation of MOE’s 211 project, 8 key subjects and 4 public service systems and one innovative research team have been under quick construction. Since the end of 2004, BNU is one of key universities with the intensive investment from the 985 project.  


Links with other universities

BNU has signed academic agreements with 153 universities. Of all the partners, there are Princeton U.; the Institute of Education, London U.; Nanyang University of Technology; Paris superior Normal School; Michigan State University; University of California; Waseda University of Japan; Hong Kong University; University of Cardiff; University of Toronto, Harvard University, etc..



BNU alumni are playing leading roles in many fields home and abroad. For example, among the 1100 excellent school teachers of the Nation, 600 of them were graduates from Beijing Normal University. Many BNU alumni have become famous scholars home and abroad, such as Professor Wang Xiaodong, well-known biologist and the member of American Academy of Science, and Professor Feng Shengli, Director of Chinese department, Harvard University. Beijing’s vice mayor and CEO of Xinhua News are alumni of BNU.


BNU will make even greater efforts in fulfilling its mission of more and more comprehensive and research-intensive university with world reputation. BNU aspires to provide the best education to the best students, turning them to the future leaders home and abroad. Its motto is to behave to be the model, learn to be the master.